Zita Brusasco
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age unknown
Race Human
Occupation Wizard
Affiliation Post-war Reconstruction Implementation Agency, Kleeman; Gillette Corps
Status Alive
Media info
Light Novel, debut Volume 1
Manga, debut Chapter 3
Anime, debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Yumeha Kōda
English Voice Caitlynn French

Zita Brusasco is a wizard who works for Post-war Reconstruction Implementation Agency, Kleeman under the Gillette Corps.


She has short hair and green eyes. She wears glasses.


Compared to her fellow wizard Mattheus Callaway, she is considerably weaker, although still powerful enough to blast a door to pieces and fracture the surrounding wall. She excels in magical devices. She is able to drive the Gillette Corps' mechanical carriage the "April".


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