The Writhing Island
Season 2, Episode 4
Air date October 29, 2014
Episode guide
The Harbor of Phantom Dreams Recollected
The Emperor's Fortune


Chaika, Red Chaika and her companions manage to make it to the island safely only to be later captured by demihuman led by Kiril under orders from his master Viktor Izhmash. As Akari is reunited with Fredrika, an imprisoned Chaika befriends one of the demihumans named Ursula before she is rescued by Toru who manages to sneak in the island's facility. Toru and Chaika finds themselves in an underground lake filled with bodies of dead Fayla and a dying intelligent Kraken. The Kraken reveals how magic was first used by Fayla before humans did until Arthur Gaz revolutionize the use of magic and Viktor was trying to mass produced clones of demihumans and Fayla. The Kraken also warns Chaika that her quest to gather Arthur's remains will lead to something terrible in the future. Soon, Kiril capturea Chaika and Toru. Meanwhile, the Gillett Corps learns floating fortress where made much earlier by the Gaz Empire during the war. Toru, White Chaika and Red Chaika are brought to Viktor in lab with a mysterious blue haired girl in a capsule. Viktor reveals the awful truth to the Chaikas that there never was a Princess Chaika and all of the girls claiming and look like Chaika are actually young girls orphaned from the war who were brainwashed and given skills as part of Arthur's plan to gather his remains. While Red Chaika refuses to believe it, White Chaika, remembering what Layla told her before, falls into despair after finally accepting the truth as Viktor plans to dissect the girls for his experiments. 


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