The Value of Memories
Season 1, Episode 9
Episode 9 Title Card
Air date June 4th, 2014
Adapted from Volume 1

Volume 5

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Running low on magic fuel for their magic vehicle, Toru's group is unable to find any shops still selling them due to the people celebrating the Anniversary of the End of the War against the Gaz Empire. Despite Chaika offering to use her memories as a substitute magic fuel, Toru refuses after learning Chaika loses her memories after using them. Meanwhile, the Gillette Corps celebrate the Anniversary in their own way before being summoned for an emergency mission. While Toru's group searches for any shop still selling magic fuel, Toru tells Chaika about his childhood. Toru reveals he and Akari Acura grew up in village called Acura where the people trained to become Saboteurs. Despite his eagerness to join the Gaz Empire War, his mentor Shin Acura tells Toru he is reckless. Toru also looked up to Jasmine Orlo, a woman who was part of a convoy of traveling merchants who traded with the Acura villagers, who Toru saw as a big sister figure. However, one night, the convoy was attacked by bandits who killed the merchants. Despite his efforts, Toru was only able to find a dying Jasmine, who comforted the boy in her last moments. Even though the villagers were able to kill the bandits responsible, Jasmine's death left a deep impact on Toru, which shaped him to be the man he is now and tells Chaika to never forget her memories, both good and bad. After finally finding a shop that still sells magic fuel, Toru and Chaika learns from the shopkeeper that a Duke who rules a Floating Fortress has one of Arthur's remains and decides to go there.



  • Toru telling Chaika about Jasmine originally came from the first story arc when they were preparing to infiltrate Roberto Abarth's Manor.
    • Jasmine's baby and his/or her death was cut out of the episode.[1]