The Princess Who Gathers the Remains
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date October 8, 2014
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Season 1
Those Left Behind
A Wizard's Pride


On a battlefield, two armies clashed with dragon riders and flying fortresses in the sky. Meanwhile as both sides were killing each other, in the capital of the Gaz Empire the Emperor Arthur Gaz orders the assistant director of the Institute of Magic, Victor Izhmash, to produce the tools necessary to achieve his goals. They already have the technology and plans, all that is needed now is to carry it out. He further instructs that it must be conducted in the strictest secrecy and that there is already a research facility and funding provided outside the country and to begin immediately.

Arthur Gaz then tells him there is one other thing that he must know and the man next to Victor gives him a parchment. Victor reads it and say a word, "Chaika". Arthur continues and says that all will be set in motion for his sake even though it may appear counterintuitive but it is his intention. The emperor then announces that he is going to die soon.

The narrator then says that five years ago, the eight heroes assembled by the Alliance of Six Nations eliminated Emperor Gaz. The scene shifts to six of the heroes (including Dominica Škoda) surrounding the Emperor before they rush in and killed him. The narrator then continued and says this brought an end to the war that had raged for 300 years, but even now, five years after the war's end, the deceased Emperor Gaz, deemed the "taboo emperor," maintains vast influence upon the continent.

The scene then shifts to the present day where the Council of the Six Nations were discussing what happened during the Floating fortress incident and concluded that the Emperor's remains and his daughter Chaika was behind it. Meanwhile in a mountainous area Chaika Trabant was casting the spell The Overwarming.


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