The Lazy Man's Choice
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date April 16th, 2014
Adapted from Volume 1
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The Girl who Bears the Coffin
The Forest Where the Hero Lives


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Abarth is shocked to see Chaika as he believe she died. After escaping him, Chaika explains Abarth's mansion is his Gundo which allows him manipulate the mansion and the only way to stop it is to destroy it's magic source. As Chaika and Akari searches for the source, Toru distract Abarth by fighting him. Eventually they find the magical source, a severed right hand in a glass jar, the item Chaika is looking for, allowing Toru to defeat Abarth. As they leave the mansion, the trio are attacked by the Gillette Corps who demand they hand over Chaika and the magical hand. Akari drags Chaika to safety while Toru, carrying the glass jar, sends the Corps into a chase around the city before fighting one of their members, Nikolay Autotor, which eventually ends in Nikolay's defeat. Toru is soon cornered by Alberic, Viivi Holopainen and the Corps magic vehicle. Alberic reveals to him that Chaika is actually Chaika Gaz, daughter of the dreaded Emperor Arthur Gaz of the Gaz Empire, who died at the end of the war after he was killed by the Eight Heroes, who later took parts of Arthur's body like the hand in the jar. Alberic and his organization fears if the world knew Chaika is still alive, the Gaz Empire would be reborn by Gaz loyalists and his remains are dangerous magic sources, which would reignite the war. Despite this, Toru is unfazed as he enjoys the prospect of war returning before escaping. Chaika reveals to Toru and Akari that she is gathering her father's remains so he can be given a proper burial. Toru and Akari decides to help Chaika in her quest which she is thankful for.


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