The Forest Where the Hero Lives
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date April 23rd, 2014
Adapted from Volume 2
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The Lazy Man's Choice
The Dragoon's Wish


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As Chaika's coffin keeps drawing unwanted attention, Toru decided to wrap the coffin in cloth while they search for another one of the Eight Heroes who has a part of Arthur's remains in the town that they are in. Meanwhile, the Gillette Corps receives word from their superiors, the post-war Kleeman Agency, are unable to send reinforcements. As Chaika, Toru and her sister have lunch, the trio learns the ruler of the land, Dominica Škoda, a dragoon cavalier and one of the Eight Heroes, lives nearby a dangerous forest. The trio is almost caught when they learn the Gillette Corps are in town but thanks to the help of Guy, a young man who appears as a hologram and Chaika's informant over her father's remains, he leads them to a lake where they use an abandoned magical vehicle as transport and to where Dominica's home is. As Chaika fixes the vehicle, the Gillette Corps looks over past information on how they caught fakes who pretended to be Chaika and wonders if Chaika ever existed. On their way to Dominica's home, Chaika reveals she was out of the country when her father was killed and she has memory gaps. Chaika could remember what happened before the war but only vaguely recall the end of war and only clear memories of the past year. The trio is soon attacked by spell casting dogs, Orthros. Toru jumps out of the vehicle to engage so that the two girls could get away, but was knocked out. He was then saved by a blonde-haired female knight.



  • In the original light novel plot of the second volume, Guy only appeared to Toru. [1]


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