The Dragoon's Wish
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date April 30th, 2014
Adapted from Volume 2
Episode guide
The Forest Where the Hero Lives
The Pursuer and the Pursued


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The female knight introduces herself as Dominica Škoda and allows the trio to stay in her mansion. Chaika was upset by the poor state of the mansion, but then cheered up when she found a cat. Toru suggests that they ask Dominica to hand over Arthur's remains peacefully, and to use force should it fail. Chaika is conflicted since Dominica saved their lives and is kind to them. The next day, Toru asks Dominica for Arthur's remains. Dominica replies that she will give them if they can defeat her in a match that night. As they prepare themselves, the group realizes something strange about Dominica -- she doesn't recognize Chaika despite being one of the Eight Heroes. During their match, Toru and Akari fights Dominica in their Iron-Blood Transformation forms but her Dragoon magic powers proves too much for them. However, Toru manages to figure out that the Dominica they are fighting is not her but her Dragoon taking her master's form. The Dragoon then reveals its true form after taking a shot from Chaika. Using their skills, Toru, Akari and Chaika defeats the Dragoon, using the earlier knowledge shared by the Dragoon, that the forehead was the weak point. After the Dragoon's defeat, she returns to her master's form and reveals that Dominica passed away prematurely due to illness after the war. She felt unwanted with no purpose in life, and due to the close bond between her and her master, she was unable to forget Dominica, hence she took her master's form. As promised, the Dragoon gives them Arthur's eyes. She then decides to follow Toru, Akari and Chaika in their journey by transforming into a young girl named Fredrika, with the aim of 'killing Toru'. It is later shown that the Dragoon can also take the form of a cat, which means that the Dragoon overheard what was said during their stay.


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