Shin Acura
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age unknown
Race Human
Occupation Saboteur
Affiliation unknown
Status unknown
Media info
Anime, debut Episode 9
Japanese Voice Sakurai Takahiro

An Acura Saboteur, and the childhood mentor of Toru and Akari.


Very little is known about Shin other than he was raised as a saboteur in the hidden village of Acura and that's where he met and also trained Toru and Akari. He was also probably present when the village went and killed the bandits in retaliation for Jasmine and the caravans deaths.


As a Saboteur, he is a Jack-of-All-Trades and is able to do many jobs with average proficiency although he is exceptional at battle.

  • Peak Human Conditioning: Shin is extremely fit, due to him being trained as a saboteur having above average strength, speed, instincts, reflexes and stamina. Even when injured, he is still able to fight effectively for a long period of time.
  • Stealth & Reconnaissance: As part of being a saboteur, he is highly skilled in stealth and reconnaissance. Able to infiltrate enemy forts and sneak past guards with ease, this allows him to fufill stealth missions without being detected. He is also highly efficient in information gathering, scouting enemy locations to find weak points or conversing with locals to gather knowledge without drawing too much attention to himself.
  • Acrobatics: Shin is able to perform high level acrobatics which he incorporates into his fighting style, allowing him to dodge and attack enemies from a wide variety of angles. He is also able to use it to sneak into enemy compounds through ways most other people are unable to.
  • Iron Blood Transformation: A saboteur technique, activated by extreme mental concentration, that optimizes and redefines the user's entire body systems. This allows him to perform inhuman physical feats, such as jumping several meters into the air. The transformation also substantially improves his combat skills and techniques, allowing him to fight against high level opponents. A drawback to using the Iron Blood Transformation is that the technique requires a huge amount of energy. One of the drawback's is that it makes him more susceptible to poison, as the technique improves his respiratory system which would increase the flow of any poison inside him.


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