Ricardo Gavarni
Ricardo Gavarni
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age unknown
Race Human
Occupation Prince
Status Deceased
Relatives Duke Gavarni (father; deceased)
Media info
Anime, debut Episode 10
Japanese Voice {{{Japanese voice}}}


Ricardo was twisted in a lot of aspects. He was a sadistic and bloodthirsty child despite his sheltered upbringing, and seemed to have an addiction to dissections regardless of who he killed to dissect. He was also highly uncaring about anyone's life, even his own and his family's. He is even casual about the killings of his own family, having committed Patricide, Matricide, Fratricide and Sororicide, and had no problems letting others know this despite the facade of his father being the master mind that was in place. Finally as if it was not enough he also decided to thrown his own life away in a massive suicidal attempt to leave his mark on history along with Layla and Lancia Grad.

His killings are more in his mind a hobby than anything actually wrong and showed a more amoral than immoral side, and even naivety towards the aspect of killing being wrong; instead he saw it as something similar to a game. His preferred method was using his knives. Though this did seem to have a perverted and darker edge to his hobby as well, especially when it came to dissecting woman which is similar to many real life serial killers who get sexual pleasure from their targets. As seen when he expressed the desire to dissect Akari Acura, poking her with a knife in the chest and licking it after wards; though he was disappointed when he couldn't decided to move on at the behest of Lancia showing that his bloodthirst can be swayed with logic.

However when it came to evil things outside of his dissections he was usually very neutral, as if it was only a side story of his own fun, or a game that somebody else was playing instead of him. His lack of morals was shown when he and his cohorts were kidnapping young girls to use as a power source to power a large floating castle. He did not care about their own well being so long as it suited something of entertainment for his pleasure later on, and was willing to let his friends "have their fun" as well. This was shown when Lancia wanted to use a morally questionible mind control drug-magic combination his only thought on the matter was "too bad" as he couldn't dissect Akari.

He did however seem to care for his friends Layla and Grad Lancia who shared his suicidal thought and their alliance was more closer to a friendship, showing that his phycopathics did not completely bury his heart of the concept of camaraderie and compassion.