Red and White
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date May 14th, 2014
Adapted from Volume 4
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The Pursuer and the Pursued
The Valley of No Return


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Cockatrices controlled by Mattheus attack the meeting place, forcing David and Selma Kenworth to escape with Chaika Trabant while Toru, Akari Acura and Chaika Bogdan fight them. Returning to their vehicle with Chaika Bogdan where Fredrica is waiting for them, Toru and Akari plan their next meeting.

Meanwhile, the Gillette Corps are ordered by the Council of Six Nations to deal with farm riots much to Gillette's frustration as the Council believe Chaika is nothing but a folklore.

As Toru and Fredrica waits for Akari to return to find out where the next exchange point will take place, Chaika Bogdan asks why Toru is helping the Chaika Trabant and offers him to join her instead as she can bring back the war. Both groups meet at Perimeral central where they exchange hostages. Despite Chaika Bogdan's offer, Toru remains loyal to Chaika Trabant as Toru feels that Chaika Trabant is too trusting and he wants to work for the one who needs him more. As both groups leave town, Chaika Trabant wonders if she really is Chaika Gaz but Toru doesn't care as what matters is that she's real. Toru's group is stopped by Chaika Bogdan and David who suggests they should join forces so they can find Arthur's remains quicker. But when Chaika Bogdan reveals there can only be one Chaika Gaz, Toru and Akari fights her group, forcing Chaika Bogdan and David to flee. Toru fears not only will they face the Gillette Corps but the other Chaikas as well.


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