Niva Lada
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Occupation Gandr
Affiliation Arthur Gaz
Chaika Trabant
Status Alive
Media info
Anime, debut The Writhing Island
Japanese Voice Sachie Hirai

Niva Lada is Arthur Gaz's Gandr. She has a human form.

Appearance Edit

She has long lavender hair in twintails. She has heterochromatic eyes, the left is red and right is green.

Background Edit

Niva Lada is created by one of Arthur Gaz's brilliant scientist, who left to work on an unknown island hidden and protected by magic spells.

She is kept in an incubation chamber and remains inactive until the Chaikas approached her, where she bit Chaika Trabant's finger and analysed her blood for authorisation. Niva Lada follow Chaika Trabant's party instead of Chaika Bogdan, until she was taken away by Guy.

Due to her interactions with Chaika Trabant, Niva Lada develops a non-hostile personality. This causes her to refuse to fire at Chaika Trabant when the reincarnated Arthur Gaz attempts to use her to kill Chaika Trabant.

At the end of season two, Niva Lada is seen remaining in the Gundo form and has been taken by the Gillett Corps for further study.

Trivia Edit

  • She bares a resemblance to Sophie from Tales of Graces
  • Her name is derived from the car Lada Niva.

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