Lucie Skoda
Lucie Skoda
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age unknown
Race Human
Status Deceased
Relatives Dominica Skoda
Media info
Light Novel, debut Volume 2
Manga, debut Chapter 14
Japanese Voice {{{Japanese voice}}}

Lucie Skoda is the younger sister of Dominica Skoda


She had blonde hair and red eyes.


She is born as the youngest daughter of the Skoda family. While Dominica was away on the battlefield, the villagers that her family governs tried to take advantage of Dominica's absence to take some wealth but Lucie tried to resist. She was injured and soon died. She was buried by the side of the road with only a pile of rocks to mark her grave. After her sister returned and killed those who had caused Lucie's death, Dominica used the eyes of Emperor Gaz in a projector to make her image.



  • She does not appear in the anime.
  • Her last name comes from the automotive manufacturer Škoda Auto.
    • Škoda is Czech for "pity", "shame", "harm" and "damage".