Jasmine Orlo
Vital statistics
Alias Hasmine Orlo, Hasumin
Gender Female
Age unknown
Race Human
Occupation Merchant
Affiliation Acura Village
Status Deceased
Relatives Unnamed Husband (Deceased)

Unnamed Newborn Child (Deceased) Unnamed Parent's (Deceased)

Media info
Light Novel, debut Hitsugi no Chaika Volume 1
Anime, debut Episode 9
Japanese Voice {{{Japanese voice}}}

A young merchant, belonging to a caravan that regularly visited the Acura village when Toru and Akari were children.


A traveling merchant who associated with the Saboteurs of Acura Village. Toru and Akari knew her when they were younger and saw her as a big sister. Jasmine taught Toru to see himself not as a weapon of war but rather as a human who could help make the world better. One night, Jasmine and her caravan, including her parents and husband, were attacked by bandits. A young Toru tried to rescue Jasmine and her newborn baby but he was too late and he found them dying from their wounds. To avenge her death, the villagers of Acura hunted Jasmine's killers then hanged them and desecrated their corpses. Jasmine's teachings and death left a deep impact on Toru.


Toru AcuraEdit

She was Toru's first love; whenever she came to the village, he would show off new techniques he had learned to earn her praise and affection. she was also the one that taught Toru to see himself not as a weapon of war but rather as a human who could help make the world better.

Read more on Toru Acura's page.

Akari Acura Edit

not too much is known about there relationship other than she was like a big sister to Akari and that she often visited there village that would mean they where very close friends she would also often look out for her and her brother Toru



  • Her last name Orlo comes from the automobile, Orlo.

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