Hitsugi no Chaika is the title of the anime adaptation of Hitsugime no Chaika and it aired in Japan's Spring 2014 Anime season in April 9, 2014. Soichi Masui (Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu, Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi o Yobu! Ora to Uchū no Princess) is directing the television series at the anime studio BONES (Eureka Seven, Star Driver). A second anime season called Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle airs for the Fall 2014 Anime season starting October 8, 2014.

Hitsugi no Chaika is the second anime adaptation work based on Ichiro Sakaki's novel series for Masui after the Scrapped Princess TV anime aired in 2003.


Toru Acura is a 20-year-old retired soldier meandering through life now that the war has ended. He encounters Chaika Trabant, a 14-year-old sorceress carrying a coffin, and follows her in hopes of finding meaning to his life again. The two travel with Toru's adopted sister, Akari, the employed member of the group and thus Toru's source of income.


Season 1
Number Title Air-date
1 The Girl who Bears the Coffin
"Hitsugi Katsugu Shōjo"
April 9, 2014
2 The Lazy Man's Choice
"Namakemono no Sentaku"
April 16, 2014
3 The Forest Where the Hero Lives
"Eiyū no Sumu Mori"
April 23, 2014
4 The Dragoon's Wish
"Doragūn no Negai"
April 30, 2014
5 The Pursuer and the Pursued
"Ou Mono Owareru Mono"
May 7, 2014
6 Red and White
"Aka to Shiro to"
May 14, 2014
7 The Valley of No Return
"Kaerazu no Tani"
May 21, 2014
8 Empire of Consolation
"Nagusame no Teikoku"
May 28, 2014
9 The Value of Memories
"Kioku no Neuchi"
June 4, 2014
10 Fortress in the Sky
"Ten Tadashi ku Yōsai"
June 11, 2014
11 The False Princess
"Itsuwari no Himegami"
June 18, 2014
12 Those Left Behind
"Nokosareshi Mono"
June 25, 2014
Season 2 - Avenging Battle
Number Title Air-date
13 The Princess Who Gathers the Remains
"Itai atsumeru kōjo"
October 8, 2014
14 A Wizard's Pride
"Uizādo no kyōji"
October 15, 2014
15 The Harbor of Phantom Dreams Recollected
"Meimu oboeshi minato"
October 22, 2014
16 The Writhing Island
"Ugomeku shima"
October 29, 2014
17 "The Emperor's Fortune"

"Kōtei no isan" (皇帝の遺産) 

November 5, 2014
18 "The Castle of Madness"

"Kyōki no shiro" (狂気の城) 

November 12, 2014
19 "Black Agenda"

"Kuroi omowaku" (黒い思惑) 

November 19, 2014
20 "The Bells of Contention"

"Tōsō no kane" (闘争の鐘) 

November 26, 2014
21 "The Throne That Invites War"

"Ikusa maneku gyokuza" (戦まねく玉座) 

December 5, 2014
22 "The Girl Who Carries the Gundo"

"Gando ninau shōjo" (機杖担う少女) 

December 10, 2014


Number title Air-date
1 "The Coffin Hunt"

"Nerawa reta hitsugi" (ねらわれた棺)

"The Ruins Reborn"

"So eru iseki" (蘇える遺跡)

March 10, 2015






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