Vital statistics
Alias Guy
Gender Male
Age unknown
Race Human?
Occupation Informant
Affiliation Chaika Gaz
Status Active
Media info
Light Novel, debut Volume 2
Manga, debut Chapter 14
Anime, debut Episode 2
Japanese Voice {{{Japanese voice}}}

Guy is a mysterious person that provides information to Chaika Gaz. Very little is known of him, such that his real name is unknown and he simply wishes to be called "Guy". He stated that, "not having a name would be inconvenient". There has been an appearance of two Guys, but it's still unknown if they are one entity or have separate identities; in episode three of the second season, Guy somewhat implies that he's merely a medium of communication that's implicitly being used by multiple individuals in order to provide information to the Chaikas. One theory suggests that Guy is Chaika's counter-part, just as there are many Chaikas, there are many Guys and they all serve the same purpose.

It is later revealed Guy is actually based on a young Arthur Gaz and was created to complete his revival.