Chaika Kamaz
Vital statistics
Alias Black Chaika
Gender Female
Age 14
Race Chaika
Affiliation Self
Status Deceased
Relatives Arthur Gaz (father) (presumed)
Media info
Japanese Voice Sakura Tange

Also known as the Black Chaika, she is the "eldest daughter" of Stephan Hartgen, she is in fact the Chaika that came to Hartgen's castle and manipulated him into a war-crazed state and gave him the idea that he could become the second "Emperor Gaz" despite herself finding war-mongers to be simply "father's play things." She is the Chaika that accomplishes the mission of the Chaika's, by gathering all of the remains through her manipulation and devours them through tentacles like extensions underneath her dress which she uses to revive Arthur Gaz. After which he proclaims herself to be the "Queen Bee Chaika" and that all other Chaika's were only "Worker Bees". She bears the most resemblance to Chaika Trabant than any other Chaika.

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